SPSS download free for Windows System

We are surrounded by data, but it is clear that it is worthless if we are not able to interpret it properly. Of course, you can do it yourself in Excel or other software, but with IBM’s SPSS Statistics you can automate the process.

In addition to data analysis, this software incorporates a wide range of services, such as data management that provides accurate case-control statistics and various tests along with their predictions. This program is in fact characterized by two aspects: by being very useful for statistical calculations and by allowing fast data processing.

What is SPSS Statistics?

IBM SPSS Statistics is one of the most widely used programs for statistical analysis. It is used by survey firms, governments, marketing and research organizations to forecast future trends to help plan organizational strategies and manufacturing processes.

With a drag-and-drop interface and multiple predefined configurations and templates included, IBM SPSS Statistics – formerly SPSS Statistics Desktop – allows any user to create advanced reports.

This is a simple set of clear diagnostic tools for business customers. The information supervisor built into the package is like any spreadsheet application, allowing you to physically enter information or import a database from IBM Cognos, Excel, content or tab-delimited records.

Along with information administration devices that help you process substantial informative indexes: information approval, recognizable proof copying, information correlation, variable arrangement, record consolidation, partialization and reconstruction and so forth.

With this program you can calculate accurate statistical data and work with a more realistic figure.

How to download SPSS for free?

The first thing to say is that SPSS Statistics is licensed as shareware for the Windows 64-bit platform and can be used as a free trial for the period of time stipulated by the brand. This way, the user will be able to use it at no cost and check if it is really useful for his analysis tasks.

The IBM SPSS Statistics demo is available to all users of the software as a free download with all modules of the complete base package, although three additional add-ons are available for purchase separately:

  • Custom tables and advanced statistics
  • Complex sampling and testing
  • Forecasting and decision trees

At spssgratis.com we offer you the legal free version that IBM makes available to users to test the program with all modules activated for a certain period of time.

Here we explain, step by step, how to download the SPSS program for Windows 10 64 bits and then install it. It is the same process as if you want to download SPSS free for Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Steps to download free SPSS for Windows

Once we know which is our Windows system click on the following button to start the process and keep an eye on our page to follow the precise instructions.

Attention! If your computer is a Macintosh, follow our Guide to Download Free SPSS for Mac

Step 1. Registration

Fill in the personal data requested by IBM in order to access the download of this advanced statistical software.

Be sure to enter your e-mail address correctly, as you will receive a 7-digit code to verify your identity.

Initial Registration screen to download SPSS Free for Windows.

Step 2. Access the IBM User Portal

Once we have completed the data and verified the code you will receive a second email confirming your Trial subscription and giving you access to the IBM User Portal. Log in by clicking on the ‘Get Started’ button.

Email access to the Download Portal.

Step 3. Download the program to your PC

After accessing our User Portal we will find the products that are associated to our account, in this case the trial subscription active for 30 days for SPSS Statistics will appear.

Active subscription screen in the IBM User Portal.

Once we click on ‘Download’ an informative screen will appear with the technical characteristics of the installation and, just below, the ‘Download for Windows 64-bit’ button. Click on it and it will be downloaded to your computer.

SPSS trial Windows 64-bit download screen.

Step 4. Install SPSS on Windows

We have already downloaded the software to our computer, so we can run the file and start the installation process.

SPSS Windows installation startup screen.

Click on “I agree” to accept the terms and conditions of the trial license agreement.

Step 5. Where to install the program

Select the folder on your computer where you want to install the program. Normally, the default one is perfect for use.

The software also currently informs us of the space required on the hard disk for the installation. The SPSS 64-bit version occupies 1.5 GB. Click on ‘Continue’.

Choose directory for installation.

Step 6. Wait for installation

The program starts to unzip and install itself on our computer. We wait until the green bar reaches the end and the file saving process is completed.

File saving process in the system
File saving process in the system.
Installation completed screen.
Installation completed screen.

Step 7. Start the program (Login)

The last step has been completed, the installation is finished and all that remains is to start the program.

To start the program it is necessary to identify ourselves with the user name that we put at the beginning (IBMid), that in definitive is the email that we have used.

IBM SPSS Statistics login screen.

We will also be asked for the password. Click on ‘Remember me’ to avoid having to enter this information every time you start the program.

Step 8. Accept Firewall Exception

It is very likely that, if you have installed the Firewall in Windows as a protection measure, you will see a security warning. In this case, we know that IBM has confidence in us and therefore we accept the exception it is requesting.

Step 9. Welcome screen

And that’s it! You will now see a welcome screen that will tell you what’s new in the program, some learning guides and also inform you how many trial days you have left before the free license expires.

IBM SPSS Statistics Welcome Screen

Download free SPSS for Mac

Many companies and private professionals rely on the Mac OS operating system. For them, this version.

SPSS Tutorials – Getting Started Guide

We are constantly updating our tutorials, with SPSS usage guides for advanced users and beginners. Here are our latest articles:

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Frequently asked questions before downloading SPSS free in English

We answer below the most frequent questions that users usually ask before using the most important statistical package.

What are the main differences between subscription and traditional licensing?

In general terms, a monthly subscription to SPSS Statistics allows you to benefit from a simpler online system, to anticipate new developments in the program and to enjoy advanced options such as multiple-user operation.

How long does the free trial version of SPSS last?

In total, the free SPSS program is licensed for 30 days. This is enough time to get to know the application in depth. The trial period cannot be extended.

What modules are included in SPSS online for free?

The trial version that can be downloaded free of charge includes all the modules so that you can review this extraordinary IBM statistical software tool in its complexity.

What equipment do I need to use the program?

For Mac computers, the software can be used from Apple MacOS X Yosemite version 10.10 (or later). For Windows licenses, Microsoft Windows 7 and higher works perfectly well.

How many users can use the subscription version at the same time?

The monthly subscription version is multi-user and there is no set limit for its use. In any case, and in order not to lose fluidity, it is recommended, for example, that there are not thousands of users.

Can I buy a one-month subscription?

Yes, or for more. Subscriptions are renewed monthly. If you do not wish to continue enjoying its advantages, you can access the system with your user codes and cancel the subscription at any time.

Is it possible to download SPSS for free without a license?

The IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription version is precisely one of the main new features because it does not require a license. It is based on a monthly subscription system that is permanently updated online.

When can I start using the trial version?

The trial version starts immediately after you register. We recommend that you download and install the software as soon as you have registered so that you can take full advantage of your evaluation.

Which operating systems are supported by the trial version?

The free trial version is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh 64-bit operating systems. Please note that it is not hosted in the cloud. Once registered, you will need to download the trial application and install it on your computer.

Is Internet access required to use the trial version?

Yes, you need an Internet connection to use the free trial version. The application will ask you to provide your IBM ID to access it. Your IBM ID is the email and password you created when you signed up for the trial software.

If I decide to purchase a subscription plan after the trial version, will I have to download and install the software again?

No, you do not need to download and install the software again. The application you downloaded for the trial version will automatically become your subscription application. You just need to use your IBM ID to activate the software after the subscription purchase.

If I decide to purchase a temporary or perpetual license after the trial version, will I have to download and install the software again?

Yes, you will need to download a new Passport Advantage application and obtain a software authorization code. You can visit the IBM support page for more information on how to obtain an authorization code.

Conclusion: why download SPSS IBM for free?

The fact that the technology giant is simply offering a 30-day free trial of a full version of SPSS Statistics would be reason enough to download it and enjoy its advanced engineering.

But we must not forget that it is the statistical software par excellence and therefore deserves a double chance.

It allows you to quickly dig into the data and proves to be a much more efficient tool than spreadsheets, databases or standard multidimensional tools used by analysts.

SPSS statistics excel at making sense of the patterns and associations that today’s complex world offers, allowing users to draw conclusions and make predictions. And it is very fast, to the point that management tasks such as data manipulation and statistical procedures can be performed in a third of the time taken by many non-statistical programs.